The air is frigid and so is the mood. The quaint little town, Raven has been thrown into full blown mourning. One of its own was found dead, murdered in cold blood today.

Talk is flying around town, faster than a bird chasing its prey down. Each story has a different twist about how this heinous crime was carried out. The fact remains that someone has been killed in peaceful Raven.

Good Ol’ Doug was the sweetest man one could ever meet. His plum cheeks blossomed as he offered his ever cheerful hello. His jovial disposition compensated his 55-year old frail frame that had been ravaged by the effects of chewing tobacco and many lit cigars purchased from Millie’s Shed. Still, he was a sweet man.

Who could ever steal from such a sweet man? Yet, Doug noticed that each day, the number of tools in his garage dwindled. Yes, they were inexpensive, but whoever was carrying out such pilfering could perhaps gain greater access to places other than the garage. So, off he went to see Andy, the sheriff for Raven, listing probable suspects and signing his death warrant.

They let themselves in through the garage door. Forcing his backdoor open, they barged into Doug’s house. Frail Doug was no match for these notorious men. He was dragged down to his basement, where he was mercilessly beaten. As if that was not enough, they put a bullet first through his side and then into his mouth, silencing Good Ol’ Doug forever.

Raven is still reeling from shock. Its entire police force is busy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, keeping sleepless nights. The people of Raven are preparing for yet another funeral. Their faces are frozen as if by the approaching winter winds while they gossip about who could murder their own. No one but two people are sleeping easy tonight, for there has been a gruesome murder in small town Raven.

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