Margaret called this place home. Here, she could sit in peace; sit without fear and refuse to think. She sat rigidly as her blank stare gave nothing away. There was no need for her to say a word, all one needed to know was right on her lap. The weight on her lap shifted as she started to shiver.

Bella could not stand the heat. Very soon, all of these hardships would be over. She could not stand the people here and the environment, especially the heat. Picking up her hand fan, she began the struggle of keeping the air flow circulated while identifying the next person to be seen simultaneously. “Amanda Parrot, Dr. Anderson will see you next.”

Amanda gathered her file and belongings. She was seated beside Margaret and had seen her on several occasions before today. They shared similar covered, dark clothing, characteristics, and…now a smile. At first it started with a slight crook in Margaret’s upper lip, and then it spread across her face. She smiled with all her teeth or what remained of them and Amanda noticed they shared that too.

How did we get here? What can we do to get out of there? Where will we go from here? These were the unsaid questions that Amanda and Margaret shared. They were words unspoken, but true. Yet, they both knew that words were very different from actions. Men that should have loved them, cared for them, and nurtured them had turned their lives into endless nightmares. Countless blows to their faces, bruised lips, several broken ribs, and other scars they refused to show the world.  This was not how living should be, they thought. Still, they went back.

Bahamas. That word was more than a travel destination. It was a getaway, an apology, a reassurance that life was going to be just perfect. Bella dreamed of the sun swept beaches and most of all spending time with the man whom she loved, Lucas. Did he love her? She had some doubtful moments especially after that slap, the slap that sent her reeling, both in mind and body.  She thought they were having a conversation, he perceived an argument. It was just a slight misunderstanding and now he was going to make up for it.

What am I thinking? Of course, he loves me. He had proposed the next evening at dinner and sealed their engagement with a planned cruise to the Bahamas. Perhaps, she could convince him to schedule an impromptu wedding there and get it over with. Her family will be informed later. Better still, she will never have to return to this rot of a workplace. No more would she play the receptionist for Dr. Anderson, who tried to help these women who were beyond reform.

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One thought on “THE BROKEN WOMEN

  • July 2, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Beyond reform eh? sad…


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