"Girl at Mirror"
“Girl at Mirror” by Norman Rockwell

Short, pretty, ugly; pimpled, fresh-faced, stubborn; happy, angry, sad; baby, adolescent, woman. You alone have seen it all, I know you, and you know me. Mirror, mirror on the wall, you alone are indeed the fairest of them all. I remember when I first discovered your powers. In a bid to convince myself that I was as tall as my classmates in first grade, I approached you to find out the truth. There I stood a stark contrast to your own tall frame. Then I knew. They were right. I was short.

My sisters were tall, all four of them. Or at least that was what I thought, for I could never see past them when they stood in front of you. They reveled in your presence, smothering you with their looks. Each morning, they busied themselves with transforming their looks. You knew all their friends by name too. Miss. Mascara and her cousin, Ms. Eye shadow, Mrs. Lipstick, Mr. Eye pencil with his brother, Mr. Eye liner, and their dotting favorite, Lady Brown Powder. You watched as I stood afar, looking on with great amusement. Yet, you remained saddened that they didn’t introduce their friends to me, for that was what you told me when I looked at you eye-to-eye.

My fair one, one day I walked in to you and you told me a different story.“Girl, you are tall, curvy, and beautiful.” I stared at you with my mouth agape and walked away in disbelief. Why had the verdict changed, when did it change, and who was behind this transformation. You had no time for my philosophical questions and gave me the only answer you could come up with; a reflection. I became content with your answer and took you along with me for reassurance. Whenever something went wrong, I turned to you and you said, “You got this.”

Sometimes I envy you, your versatility, self-assurance, and accuracy. Most people seem to love you and enjoy your company. The rich, the poor, and the middle class all crave your attention. Yet, you repeat the same thing over again “There is no need to envy me; you also have something to offer the world.” How I wish this to be true, but what do I have to offer to you? “Keep me clean and shinning always, and we will remain friends” you say. Ha! It is of no surprise that those who keep you in their company are referred to as vain, when you yourself are too. I guess that is your one and only fault.

Good for you, for you are aware of more than one of my faults. Remember when I was referred to as Ms. Clumsy, everything I touched turned to ashes, and I came to you in tears saying that I was of no good. You said, “Forget the past, and see the positive in the future”. As always, my dear friend, you were spot-on. I just want to say, thank you! Thank you for being my one and only friend who never lied to me under any circumstance. Through my rise and fall, you’ve remained true and have always been you!

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