We sat together with our knees apart

Close to the level of our chest lines

We sat together holding hands

Your left fist clasped over mine.

With our backs turned to the world,

We faced the future together

Knowing that our stars will shine;

Yours and mine positioned side by side in the sky.

We sat with our knees closed

My head bowed low and shoulders heaving

We sat together until I noticed you were no longer beside me

And I was alone.

With no one to respond to the world or face the future

My star had fallen without a sound

Replaced by the dark blue of the sky,

All around.

Your star shone until it began to burn

The images of the times we sat together.

The fiery red flames forcing me

To acknowledge that you once were

And I am not going crazy.

As hot as the flames are, I hold onto them tightly

In my right fist, wishing once again

That your left will clasp over mine.

I raise my fist to my knees slowly

Unravelling its fingers one after the other.

The flames lick up and consume my chest,

Causing my heart to be redder than it has ever been.

The memories of when we sat together drop around me

Like freshly ground ashes eager to be blown away

My entire being in tremors from the pain

As I stand up to be immersed by the burning.

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