WHY NOT ME? Interview with Afam

If fashion, literature, and satire are the key dishes that feature in your dream blog buffet, then you need to add The Ramblings of a Madman to the menu.

The author behind this blog is simply known as Afam, a contracted form of the name, Afamefuna. Like the translation of his name, this blogger would not be forgotten anytime soon.


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The question, who is Afam begets itself. For starters, Afam is one of several pseudonyms that Damilola Ade-Odiachi uses while writing. It is important to note that Afam and Dami are two separate individuals, not in competition, and with different writing styles. In fact, his blog is set to take up another pseudonym and approach as Afam contemplates starting afresh on a more experimental stage.

In the blogosphere, it is all about experimentation and this blogger has had his fair share. From imitating the tone of the Catcher on the Rye in a blog post to revamping Dr. Seuss’All the Places You’ll Go over a series of introspective pieces, Afam doesn’t want to fall in a pattern of being stuck in a writing style rut. Yet he is quick to point out influences in his writing. Books such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Orlando and authors like Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf have left an impression on him.

Torn between a culture that demands a strong career direction and an inherent creative free spirit, this University of Manchester Economics graduate has sought to prove to family especially his father that he can channel his writing purposefully and productively. Thus, he sees in the offing, a Master’s in Journalism or an MBA with a specialization in Digital Marketing and Content Creation after his completion of Nigeria’s mandatory post-tertiary exercise.

A desire to do what he loves doing at the highest level is the main reason why Afam would be leaving the country’s shores for additional education. Citing networking and validation as a couple of unique benefits that accompany continued education, one cannot wait to see the renewed Afam after this training.

Before an undiluted Q&A, here is the regular Afam you may spot covering some events in Lagos:

Afam 3
Images courtesy of www.theramblingsofamadman-afam.com


Nma: Having recently made the move from England to Nigeria, do you consider yourself an IJGB (I Just Got Back)?

Afam: I don’t think I am an IJGB as I’ve been back for 2 years. It is comparable to being a debutante in old-fashioned England, which happens only once. I consider myself a veteran now ready to help the new crop of IJGBs

Nma: Your Bellanaija (BN) blogpost on how to take care of your man garnered 100+ comments with some intense drama, how do you feel about that?

Afam: I’m used to it as the BN audience and I have a rapport. Sometimes they love me especially when I am not talking about gender issues. When I mention women, things happen, but I like the feedback. Although, I was surprised that the follow up post which I preferred didn’t get as much comments.

Nma: Some writers hate their finished product, but you express an open admiration for some of your pieces. Is that how you feel about most of your work?

Afam: No, I can’t say that. There are some things I wrote that I can’t read it anymore without editing. You go back, read a sentence, and think if only you had known.

Nma: Mena features a lot in your earlier blogposts. Who really is she?

Afam: Mena started reading my work before it was anything and she read most of the pieces when I first started out including the post about smashed out hearts hung out to dry. She is my muse and a good dancer.

Nma: Where does the sign off, “Happy Days” come from?

Afam: I wanted to be happy and the blog helped me to be happy, thus it was a wish for myself and everyone. It is also from a song, Happy days are Here Again

Nma: Captain Reginald, your Labrador was as much a part of the blog as the sign-off. What happened to him?

Afam: He suffered from a heatstroke after a walk and died. I feel bad about taking him out that day but he was so eager to go.

Nma: Where would you say your blog is heading to?

Afam: A different territory. It will be regular, partly funny, deeper, and with more Gung ho content.

Nma: Afam’s summer to do list comprises of…

Afam: A summer beach body for a summer beach party and tons of work

Nma: What side of Afam hasn’t been featured on the blog?

Afam: You haven’t seen Afam the copywriter who writes content

Nma: Last book you started but didn’t finish reading was?

Afam:  Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Nma: What would you tell 30-year old Afam?

Afam: I would ask him a few questions. Are you still scared of tomorrow? Are you sorted?

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