Destination: Soma Bay, Egypt

Languages Spoken: English, French, and Arabic

Why Soma Bay?

  • Value for money- a night at a 5-star hotel in London can get you 2 or 3 nights here
  • Good, quality food and cheaper shopping
  • Over 2 million monuments a couple of hours away
  • No waves in the sea so everybody gets to swim or wade without fear
  • Are you a golf lover? Challenge yourself and play against the wind
  • Yes please to Spa time or in one word, Thalassotherapy.


For the love of Spas, Soma Bay’s is the biggest in the world with 52 treatment rooms. You get sea water and hot oil treatment; Thai, Indian, Swedish, and Moroccan massages. By navigating the water at the cascades, everyone gets a massage. A trainer accompanies you to guide you on how many minutes you need to spend at each spot.

Okay. If you are not convinced about a Soma Bay vacation after this, you are not ready for the good life.

Hotels in Soma Bay


Sunset, sea, sizzling dishes and for the food lovers in the house can I hear an uhuh uhuh, there is a restaurant exchange going on here: Breakfast in Sheraton, lunch at the Westin, dinner at Kempinski.

Focus: The Westin, Soma Bay

Westin SB 3

The Westin at Soma Bay is known for its yacht lodging style.

The location is perfect for a destination wedding. Think My Westin Wedding.

Here are some more pretty pictures…

Recovering from those breathtaking views we have good news for all the parents in the house. There is a Kid Convention Centre, a standby nanny, and kids dinning.

“Honey do we even have kids?”

“Not in Soma Bay ma chérie”

Still on the children, they get trainers in swimming, activities, and all. They party too and have a cinema.

Announcement: I am up for adoption as a Soma Bay kid.

Beds are made to order for The Westin at a cost of 10,000 dollars. At the Westin, they are all about your well-being: “Eat well, play well, sleep well.” At this rate, Westin needs to be called Welltin.  Just saying

Welcome drinks are offered upon arrival. Taste 6 types of welcome drinks, apple cinnamon and more.

For the food lovers in the house, you can talk to the chef at the Westin about what you want to eat the whole day. If that was me, I would say: “Chef, surprise my palate, pleasantly.”

If you get to spend a weekend at Soma Bay, what book(s) would you bring along?

More Interesting Facts:

  • It barely rains, so don’t be afraid of having your dream outdoor wedding ruined
  • You can book Sheraton villas for VVIP clients.
  • In the future, chefs will be invited from Nigeria to train Soma Bay chefs on making your favorite Nigerian dishes

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