If Marrakesh was a man that proposed on a blind date, I would say yes.

It may not be Casablanca with the aura of Humphrey Bogart. Still, I would accept.

We are gathered here for a union. A union of pleasure and luxury.

The briefing is about to start.

Felix sits in Morocco, Amar in Dubai. The two are here to tell us more about Four Seasons Resort, Marrakesh.

I like sessions like these. They give me space to dream, to imagine, and to write.

Like Somabay.

Let’s start!

With a view of the Atlas Mountains and the best of nightlife, 16 hectares of land around, welcome to the Four seasons, Marrakesh.

It is 4 years old. Separated into a couple and family section, kids can play potter and fire their imaginations with clay.
Dine at the Bleu D’Orange restaurant, lounge in 1 of the 141 rooms.
Just 5 minutes from the airport, enjoy the short commute.
Feeling tensed and stressed, visit one of the 17 treatment rooms. Think Moroccan Haman, think Spa.
Even Le Grand Jardin twinkles at night.

The Visa Tangle is here again.

Wake up from the dream people and remember you are Nigerian. The visa struggle is real.

Who can’t wait for when the world would be visa free to travel? I know. Me too.

We can’t ask irrelevant questions in these sessions. These are hotel people my friends. Hospitality is their name not immigration issues.

What about the Climate? Someone asks. “It is about 26 degrees right now”,Felix says. When the sun goes down, so does the temperature. January/February 25 degrees at day, 10 degrees at night. June/July you may get a 40, but you have a pool to dip in and less humidity. Yay!!!

The good question award goes to are there tours at the Four Seasons? Remember the Medina. A place you want to get lost in. Think of all that shopping. From spices to ornaments.


Interested in skiing at the Atlas Mountains.? Marrakesh may be dry temperature-wise, but it is fertile because the snow on the mountains melts post February and flows down.

All of these is within reach at the Four Seasons, Marrakesh

At this point, I think of Houda, a classmate from Morocco. She always wanted to go back home post college. Now I know why.

Hold your breath, the room rates are coming…300+Euros per night. In the ideal world without exchange rate issues, this price tag would be just fine, but remember this is a resort.

High end travelers get in here. We hope to see you there.

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