Job hunting in Nigeria is a struggle.

From countless scams to impossible to interpret interviewers. The hurdles in this journey only multiply. Thus, when I moved back to Lagos from Philadelphia, I thought I had the secret to securing the job I wanted.

That was how I got my last job. A volunteer stint with the Central Parkway Library turned into  the perfect job in one of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s 54 branches.

It was armed with this “secret” that I waltzed into hotel after hotel in Lagos.

My core was in hospitality. I had worked for 4 years in different positions at a 4-star hotel (The fifth star was withheld because alcohol was not offered on the restaurant menu as it was a Dry County). This was a 100-year old historic property that had recently been renovated and I was among the new crop of employees promoting the transformed image.

Still, I kept close tabs on the hospitality industry  in Nigeria.

I vividly recall when Intercontinental Hotel opened its doors for business. I itched to see this edifice, which I heard dwarfed other hotels in the Victoria Island area. Thus, in January 2015, my volunteer/job search began with the top hotels on the Island axis of Lagos.

I stalked Sales & Marketing Managers, answered irrelevant questions such as my indigenous local government area, and frowned at security guards who were plain rude.

Visiting each hotel revealed how reality measured up to the dream image I had construed.

Now, I know which hotels have the best views, are in secure locations, provide networking opportunities, offer top notch customer service, and more.

I ended up working for none of them.

An internship within the hotels department of a Nigerian owned travel agency provided me that rare opportunity to work with ALL of them.

Sometimes, that job you have been struggling to get in a company may be a microcosm. Why settle for one, if you can get ten?

Think about the bigger picture and do not limit your job search.

It will be worth your while.


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