The Etisalat Prize for Literature Awards Ceremony is a gathering of multiple art forms in Lagos, Nigeria.

If asked to choose one event in Lagos that represents the Who Are We? generation, this will be it.

For the 2015 edition, there were riveting stage performances based on each of the 3 shortlisted novels.

Darey showcased his latest medley of songs including Pray for Me and Asa brought the groove into the room.

Oresegun Olumide’s breathtakingly realistic paintings graced the venue’s lobby along with some striking photography.

The ever present Lagos menu selection of small chops aligned with the other art forms in its own way as the Intercontinental Hotel Team laid it out buffet style for the young and energetic attendees to jostle for.

This gallery represents the art forms of literature, painting, photography, music, and food.

If you feel a bit of the pulse of Lagos from these pictures, only then may you understand this generation of creatives in the city.


IMG-20160321-WA0001                                                                      IMG-20160321-WA0012


IMG-20160628-WA0000                                                                     IMG-20160628-WA0003





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