You stir on your mattress. Two minutes on your left side, three minutes on your right. Wake up for you are five minutes past your rising time. Be quick because you may meet your husband today.

Take your time in the bathroom. Skip that cheap smelling soap and indulge with the Body Shop shower gel. Yes, the Clementine scent. Now you smell like a basket of succulent oranges freshly picked. You want to wear an attractive fragrance for you may meet your husband today.

Eat breakfast just in case he asks you to morning coffee. You do not want to wolf down sandwiches in the quaint cafe, which will serve as the place we went on our first date when you are writing your wedding story for the blogs. Don’t overeat as you stomach will bulge or worse still, your zip will burst open. That will be a sight for sore eyes if you meet your husband today.

You may want to skip the overcrowded bus. Sweaty underarms and exhaust smoke filled clothing do not complement the nicely scented fragrance you are wearing today. Plus, ditch that plastic bag you carry your black pumps in, with hopes of making a hurried shoe makeover at the doors of the office. Splurge on an Uber and be a diva as you strut into the office as your chauffeur tips his hat at your elegance. Be a boss lady for a day, in case you meet your husband today.

Great job on that presentation you gave. Your red lipstick, well laid edges, and bandage skirt produced a magnetic force in the room. The confidence you exude could give Michelle Obama a run for her first lady seat. Be careful though not to sound too smart as you do not want to scare the special one away. He may be the future husband you meet today.

Don’t laugh out too loud. Break your food into small bites. This is lunch not the zoo. Tone down your high spirits and dish out that irresistible smile at his jokes. Sit upright and stop slouching. Cup your chin in your palm and let him swim in the sea of your eyes without leaving his seat. Yes! Pretty is hard work in progress even during lunchtime because you do not want to be caught off guard when you meet your husband today.

When you receive that text message asking what your evening is looking like. Take a deep breath to steady your heart rate. Do not send a desperate yes, I am available reply. Let me check my calendar will intensify the chase. Wait! After a few minutes, announce the open slot and plan what your outfit for the evening will be. Don’t waste this opportunity of meeting your husband today.

As you wipe your kohl rimmed eyes with your aloe scented wipes, and erase the pomegranate red lip stain that made your lips fuller tonight, do not be afraid of the image that confronts you in the mirror. You pulled all the stops today and did as you mother did say. Try to get your beauty sleep to avoid covering up puffy eyes with primer in the morning.

As you lay down alone to sleep, the minutes glide past midnight as tomorrow has crept up on you and become today. Sleep well my dear, for who knows, you may actually meet your husband today.

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