To get great food, you do not have to use a ferry to pass or swim through a lake of crocodiles.

If you are reminiscing of grilled meats, drinks, and music in an open space, The Allocodrome has you covered.

Be prepared not to have a conversation though as the live band plays on the highest volume of all instruments.

June 9 2015 UPDATE 237 June 9 2015 UPDATE 133June 9 2015 UPDATE 142


June 9 2015 UPDATE 244June 9 2015 UPDATE 131

Beach dining does not always cost an arm and a leg. Embrace the art of savoring both your food and the view.

French bread still scores high points, so indulge in as many baguettes and croissants as you can while they last.


June 9 2015 UPDATE 215 Mama still knows best!

A host to treat you to all the mouth watering local cuisine is a must-have.

Atieke, Yassa Fish, Passion Fruit desserts, and freshly tapped palmwine will leave you scheduling your next visit before you even leave.June 9 2015 UPDATE 197

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