Have you ever come home to find all your furniture rearranged?

You know the family you visit where the sitting room looks different six time a year. Now, imagine a food renovation or revolution happening in your home.

During the years I tried to recreate food from Nigeria, I turned to the world wide web. There, I discovered what Lohi was doing with Lohi Creates; Dunni with her evolutionary journey on Dooney’s Kitchen; and Ozoz of the Kitchen Butterfly wonders. You have to visit these links to see how these women are overhauling the concept of Nigerian cuisine with style. They embody the fairy god mother theory, Kitchen style. Ingredients native to Nigeria were broken down to their basic components. In response, my palate began to transform.

With people who renovate a lot. I find their ability to adapt at a rapid pace admirable. As these Kitchen fairies refined and redefined classic Nigerian dishes, a new language was birthed. I began to learn a culinary alphabet, I never knew existed. The legendary Marcella Hazan once said that cooking is a language that needs to be practiced continually to achieve fluency. I still form three letter words, but my teachers are unrelenting.

This palate and culinary revolution is as exciting now as it was in its early days.

Today, the kitchen fairies continue to perform magic as can be seen from these pictures.

They are from the Samsung sponsored What’s cooking exhibition shown at Rele gallery.

The Ikoyi Bridge ‘reconstructed’
Suya Spice and Garri
Eba and Efo Riro

Images courtesy of Rele Gallery’s Blog

Cooking is an art, but you eat it too.- Marcela Hazan

Yes, the décor has been upgraded, still it tastes like home.

What about you? What change(s) have you seen in one of your favorite elements of home?

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