In Other Words

Late last year, Jhumpa Lahiri’s decision to write only in Italian inspired my first French poem and this post.

In Other Words, an autobiographical novel was the result of that imposed self-discipline.

She takes readers through moments of insecurity and triumphs that accompany learning a new language. In her case, Italian.  If you love Italy, the Italian language, and travel you will love In Other Words.

Each chapter is personal and there are two concise fictional pieces, The Exchange and Half-Light.

I enjoyed traveling to Italy with  Jhumpa via her latest work and I am sure you would to.

Here are five  favorite quotes from In Other Words on language, home, identity, and art.

  • I just wanted to go home, to the language in which I was known, and loved.
  • Even though the language was imposed on me, it has given me a clear, correct voice, forever.
  • We are searching, through a work of art, for something that alters us, that we weren’t aware of before.
  • I know from my parents that once you’ve left, you’re gone forever.
  • Those who don’t belong to any specific place can’t, in fact, return anywhere.

When news filtered in on the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck in the early hours of this morning in Amatrice, Italy, sadness set in.

For the love of language and  Italy, here are gorgeous pictures from the regions that have been hit by earthquakes in the last 10 years.

1287514115_top-10-italian-wines-youve-never-heard-of_6 Abruzzo Abruzzo-costa-100

abruzzoregion_0AmatriceAmatrice-Italy  Amatriciana Sauce

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