This picture is from a 2014 exhibition in Chinatown, Philadelphia where people from different countries drew on maps their journey to the United States of America.

They included flight itineraries, airports, and layovers from their point of departure to port of entry.

I am sure designers of aircrafts and airport lounges take this into consideration as people shuttle back and forth in the search of comfort.

There is nothing I haven’t done on a long flight.

Read a book, movie marathon, brushed my teeth, removed my make-up, applied my make-up, rub and shine (lol), pooped, peed, slept, ate, and cried.

All of which I have done in a physical house I have regarded at one time as my home.

Sometimes, people experience growth spurts at home. Sleep as a child and wake up as a hairy adolescent.

This I have also experienced on flights. Board as a nervous girl, disembark a confident woman who is working towards her goals.

There have been great conversations at home too. Passengers and crew members alike are subjected to my curious questions and stares.

Airports add a much needed flavor to home as they house some of my favorite restaurants and stores.

I recall leaving for Lagos from JFK one morning when a dark and disturbing thought crossed my mind. I may never eat at Buffalo Wild Wings again.

Using the airport map, I found my way to my favorite wings place and wasn’t at peace until I loaded up on some Mango Habenero and Carribean Jerk chicken with Buffalo Chips.

That brought home to the flight.

The biggest purchase I have ever made in the makeup department has also been at an airport.

During a layover, I was on the lookout for my favorite The Body Shop product, Satsuma Body Butter when I was sweet talked into getting a liquid foundation, foundation brush, eyebrow powder, eye liner, lip balm, and the list goes on.

Visiting The Body Shop at the Raleigh Durham Airport was the comfort blanket I needed to assure me that everything was going to be all right away from home.

Even when those layovers are extended, flights are delayed, and the plane runs into turbulence, we are reminded that home is not perfect place yet.

What is the longest flight you have taken or layover in between flights?

Do you ever view yourself as inhabiting the space of time and place as you connect countries and continents?

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