If you have spent more than half of your life living abroad.

Which culture would you borrow from as you fill the space and make the air habitable?

Craig Dykers, a founding partner at Snøhetta, an architectural firm you want to follow an Instagram is no stranger to this.

I first heard Craig speak at a Temple University workshop where he described his past architectural feats.

The Library of Alexandria in Egypt was one.

Alexandra Egypt 34 Alexandra Egypt 5 Alexandra Egypt 2 Alexandra Egypt

From the 1988 UNESCO Design Competition won by Craig and the Snøhetta Team, more than a decade elapsed before its inauguration.

Craig talked about a tumultuous period in Egypt.

Someone sent him a picture of a human barricade of Egyptian youths poised to prevent destruction to the structure in progress.

Today, this structure is regarded as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

How long does it take to build a home?

Would you be willing to patiently place brick upon brick for more than a decade or as long it will take to get your desired structure?

Who will stand by you when events take an unexpected turn and there is chaos?

I like to think of my home as a design that shows attitude, a courageous color combination, and a magnetic force of sorts that attracts people who value peace, laughter, and ideas.

The truth is there is more to setting up a home than its colors and physical structure.

Those elements you do not see are the reinforcement a home needs to stand the tests of time and crisis.

So, which invisible elements would you use to design your home?

Images courtesy of Snohetta,com

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