There is this scene in The Notebook where Noah is reading to Allie when their children and grandchildren come visiting.

Allie has Alzheimer’s and her husband, Noah is trying to recreate their love story when younger (portrayed by Rachael McAdams and Ryan Gosling).

Noah basically lives in the nursing home with Allie, so he can read to her.

Their children view this reading exercise as futile for Allie does not recognize them or Noah.

The Scene:

“Daddy, please come back home. Mommy doesn’t know us. We miss you”

“I am home, your mother is home”.

At this point, tears roll down freely in yet another heart wrenching scene from one of the greatest love stories on screen.

This goes beyond a nursing home romance or Nicholas Sparks’ antics to tug on our heartstrings yet again.

Who is home to you?

For people can be home; People are home.

Family, lovers, and friends.

I remember being in boarding school and writing letters to home.

I would list all my siblings and cousins’s names, then cross out each name once my letter to the individual was written out.

A letter from home would be the cherished reply to be read and re-read.

During the times we, girls came together to share stories from our different homes, they would often end with, “I miss home.”

What happens when people or the person who is home moves?

Not everyone can pull a Noah and come along in the name of love.

And what about when that phone or Skype call is not enough.

Should new “homes” be recreated?

Since people change over a period of time, home is never the same when you return.

So, can you be sure that you will be returning home?

Perhaps, pulling a Noah may not be a bad idea after all in the search for stability.

Here is a Michael Bublé favorite for those times when pictures of home need a soundtrack.



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