A letter to my unborn



You are beautiful

I cannot see you, but I know you are.

Smooth and round

You are just who I need to see when I am down.

I know you would love to run, play, and laugh

You would bruise, heal, and be hurt again.

So, I have made a decision.

To guard you in the waters under the sea.

Where the ripples are gentle and the waves are at ease

And even the sea animals are asleep.

Sometimes, people look at me strangely

They ask when they would see you, especially

When I say you are beautiful, round, bubbly.

That throws them off.

They suspect I am crazy and don’t deserve a baby.

I know better.

You are better off at sea, shielded from this cruelty

That I your mother have seen and don’t want you to see.

So, be still my child. For now,

You shall remain unborn.

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