When you expect something and you get something extra or different. In a good way.

I like good surprises. Especially when it has to do with food. You know, discovering that there is a third Bounty in the pack. Lol.

To kick off the weekend and possibly open the box to those great surprises, I have put together a list of 5 “Oh I did not see that coming moments”


Realizing that the best pictures of The Eiffel Tower are not taken right beside the tower, but in a picturesque place such as the Trocadero Gardens. Why hustle with half of Paris’ tourists?


Looking for the bathroom in a museum and stumbling upon this at the entrance. I forgot momentarily that I needed to pee.


Replicating a Chef Nobu recipe I found in the extra features of Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD. I know, I am such a huge fan of the movie, I watched the deleted scenes too. Lol. Something extra: Chef Nobu was the man who employed Sayuri to dye clothes after the war.
Discovering that Victor Hugo’s house in Paris was smack dab in the middle of Place des Vosges. Two for the price of one.


Finding Froyo (Frozen Yoghurt) in Lagos. I mean, we’ve got to give it to Sweet Kiwi. Thanks to them we can do dessert right 🙂

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