Stand up, my child!

Yes, turn and face the mirror.

Examine your cheeks, your arms, your waist, and your thighs.

I remember to what extent I fed you, but so must you.

There are many foods in the land you are going to. People will tell you to try them.

Try them all, but do not live by them. I have seen the skinniest boys and girls double in size from them.

I remember to what extent I fed you. Please do not forget too.

During the war when we could not go out to buy milk from the store, my mother brought home food close to the earth.

As your mother, I tell you, stay close to the earth. Live by the things that grow from there, not the things men make behind closed doors.

I cannot say more than that on this matter. God knows I listened to my own mother.

But there are some things I have taught you that you should unlearn.

What did I say you should do before you cross a road?

Yes. Look very well to your left and right, then run when no vehicle is coming.

Where you are going, please do not do that anymore.

I hear God himself in a deep voice instructs them from heaven when to walk.

He watches over his own children and tells those driving to stop and those crossing to start.

After some time, he tells those driving to start and those crossing to stop.

It is amazing, I know.

Amazing things happen when God himself steps in to direct us.

Hmm. Maybe one day it will be our turn here.

He will never forget us here.

You shouldn’t too.

You may forget my tired eyes and weak hands, but my child remember these ones.

These eyes so eager and bodies so young that I bore after you.

They are our future.

They will press the phone against my ears to hear your voice when you call home.

They will welcome you when your return for I may not be here.

Promise me one thing and it is for this I will pray each day I continue to live.


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