My friend and I stoopped over at an open air fish market; she a regular, I a first-timer.

The  backdrop of the market is the Lagos Lagoon, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. I have been here before to use the jetty heading to the beach at Tarkwa Bay. Today, I am here for the fish.

As usual, several women call out to us, asking that we check out their selection. My friend ignores them all and heads straight to the back. I follow.

She stops at a large basin and a smiling woman. This is Iyabo.  With four men hauling the huge fish from basin to cutting slab, there is no doubt that Iyabo has carved a niche at this market. My friend explains that Iyabo’s fish is fresh, while the other selllers display frozen fish.

I gawk at the fish on rocks and Iyabo dishes out Fish 101.  

This is Shiny Nose.


At the corner is Red Snapper.

Barracuda, which I learn makes excellent stew  is front left.

I love the idea of a bloodless purchase. This is a more satisfying trip than when I accompanied my older sister to the cow slaughter house/abbatoir earlier this year.

My friend chooses a Shiny Nose fish for a bargained price of $65 and the men work hard at cleaning it.

They cut it into grill sized portions. She plans on proportioning it for the month. “My husband can eat fish everyday,” she says.


I want a part of the fresh find, so I ask for Croaker. For $5, I get 3 pieces of this size.


For a subsequent visit, my heart is set on the $16 Barracuda. Something tells me we can create an exciting Cheznma dish together.

Home becomes a happier place when I can buy and eat fresh. 

This is the Law School  Fish Market in Lagos, Nigeria  and  you are invited to purchase a fresh taste of home.

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