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Have you ever made a move, leaving everything familiar to start afresh, but in a matter of months/years your new surroundings and friends become the new familiar? Then, you have to make another move and the process begins again: You start to miss the new familiar that was once unfamiliar.

Yagazie Emezi, creative, documentary photographer, and no-holds barred vlogger made such a move when she arrived in Lagos, Nigeria a few years ago. A few days agos, she arrived in Liberia for a new assignment.

Here is what she had to say about Lagos at the moment when the city transitioned to a familiar place.

After dropping everything secure and familiar to move to this massive city, I have found myself in love with it.

Yagazie’s portraits and documented stories from the streets of Lagos and beyond were indeed a labor of love, which her audience instantly connected with. Her formed friendships in the city birthed tantalizing feasts like this one put together by Ozoz Sokoh of Kitchenbutterfly.

Yagazie tagged it her Lagos Last Supper as she was Liberia bound the next day.




This twitter status barely 3 days into her Liberia assignment tugs at the heartstrings for as exciting as new adventures are, sacrificing the familiar is not an easy path.


With the passage of time, one can only hope that Liberia does not become more familiar than Lagos to Yagazie as we cannot afford to lose more creatives :).

Follow Yagazie Emezi’s documented experience and portraits on Twitter and Instagram as she explores her new home.

Also, drop a line about a recent move you have made where the familiar became old and the unfamiliar became new.

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