man-booker-shortlisted-authorsIt is Man Booker announcement night!

Tonight, I will watch (breaking my TV fast. Sigh.) the black tie event unfold in London.

Last year, my heart was caught up in flurries as there were so many favorites shortlisted. There was the painful, but well told story of A Little Life.

I was still recovering from my first online feud caused by Chigozie Obioma, shortlisted author of The Fishermen.

Maybe, if I paid closer attention to the Nigerian Literary scene, I would have been saved some heart palpitations.

During the 2013 Ake Festival, a not-so-known author born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica was invited to Abeokuta. There, he taught a writing workshop; took part in a panel discussion; and engaged in a book chat.

Yes, Marlon James had left his mark on the Nigerian literary scene two years before his Man Booker win. Recently, I read an interview with Nigerian writer, Toni Kan where he lauded the Ake Festival team for inviting Marlon to the 2013 edition. Thus, in true African culture way, the Nigerian literary scene celebrated his Man Booker prize as a home win.

This year, who would take the prize? Will it be short story writer Otessa with her novel, Eileen , Madeleine’s intriguing titled novel, Do Not Say We Have Nothing, or previously shortlisted author, Deborah Levy’s novel, Hot Milk?

Then, we have the men. Will it be His Bloody Project that is currently leading the 2016 Man Booker shortlisted authors book sales, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout (same publishers with Marlon James, One World), or All That Man Is by David Szlay (published by Man Booker publisher favorite, Jonathan Cape)?

Oh I don’t know. As we wait, let’s do a 2016 Pre-Man Booker Awards.

Here are the categories:

  • Intriguing novel title
  • Best novel cover
  • Captivating blurb
  • Most popular author
  • Fascinating setting

So, who wins the 2016 Pre-Man Booker prizes in your opinion?

UPDATE: The Sellout by Paul Beatty was announced as the 2016 Man Booker winning novel.


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