Falling in Love with an Artist's Home in Lagos
Kainebi’s Studio

Love at First Sight/ Bolt of Lightning – Coup de Foudre 

When I walked in I knew I wanted to stay.

He held the door open for a brief second and said, “you are late.”

I had apologized earlier over the phone and was about to do the same again when something caught my eyes.

The walls, adorned with some of the most beautiful visual art I had ever seen. Simple but striking.

There were three of us in his house, but I was the only one clearly smitten.

My other two colleagues fell into step beside him, while I stood in the same spot gawking.

The artist, Kainebi Osahenye had accepted our invitation to interview him at his house and I had fallen in love at first sight.

Maybe it was the lighting in the hallway. Or the floor to ceiling installations in the exhibition hall. The color white lulled me into a sense of security, space, and sanity.

“Would you like something to drink?” Kainebi asked.

Coke for one, water for the other.

My previously parched throat was perfect now. Whatever thirst existed before had been quenched by love at first sight.

Then there were the cupboards. Painted white and set back to the wall on the left side of the middle room. Neat lined in the shelves was an impressive collection of art texts. Brushes and little paint buckets were arranged alongside.

“This is it. I am home”, I whispered.

There was this strange urge to walk into the kitchen and make something for everyone. This was my home now and I was host.

So when I asked if we could hold a dinner in the space with an art and literary loving group on a Friday, the house said a resounding yes.

On the second floor, I caught a whiff of paint from the mini-studio. The house and I breathed in the same air, becoming one.

The wooing continued. The loft bedroom pulled all the stops. From the mini flat screen, to the side bar, I knew this was true love.

That is why I packed my things today. For when lightning strikes, someone will surely fall.



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