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Badagry has been on my mind for quite some time now.

Over the last few months, different tour companies shared itineraries including a trip to a slave museum, the first storey building in Nigeria, and unspoiled beaches.

Oh, I so wanted to visit and experience this historic town very close to home.

This tweet by The Village Pot  made that dream a reality

You need to see the speed I typed my response with. More messages were exchanged and in a few minutes, I was preparing for a trip to Badagry thanks to Funmi. Unplanned and impromptu trips turn out to be so much fun.  This Badagry trip with The Village Pot was not an exception. From a tour guide who doubled as a musician to having a dinner of fish and chips by the beach, there were several great moments.

The visit to the Sereki Abass museum was our first stop after a drive filled with games and gist. I found Seriki’s story to be quite disturbing as it was hard to decipher if this freed slave turned slave trader was a friend or foe. The truth is, the museum has some of the best preserved relics from the slave trade you will come across in this town. Still, I struggled to come to terms with why Mr. Abass was so extolled if he indeed sold his kinsmen as slaves.

I snagged a spot with The Village Pot Tours to see Badagry's Beauty and History. Here is why you should plan a visit soon.
Seriki Abass Museum

Next, The Mobee Museum. The museums in Badagry are in close proximity, so you can see several at the same time. What sets Mobee apart from the others is you get to feel, hold, and wear the slaves’ shackles. Trust me when I say, they are heavy. I literally couldn’t move or think with all of that weight.

At the first storey building in Nigeria, the tour guide was very thorough. There, I made a startling discovery. Samuel Ajayi Crowther was Herbert Macauly’s grandfather! Did you know that? Yes, I do love drawing family trees of famous people. As a special treat, three adorable children in full costume danced and performed some acrobatic moves for us.  With an afternoon well spent, the grilled catfish and chips at the beach made the day even better. An evening at the beach should be on everyone’s to do list as the sights, sounds, and serenity are unrivaled.

The Point of No Return is an emotional trek. This is the route that separates land from sea, freedom from captivity, home from an unknown destination. If you want to experience the full range of emotions, you can go on a solo trip. However, with a group, even the saddest stories become humorous. Together, we did several jumps to get a perfect picture (just for the gram). This is the point where, I climb an extremely high wall in a skirt. The bruises and pains ran parallel with the joys of the moment and I loved it.

I snagged a spot with The Village Pot Tours to see Badagry's Beauty and History. Here is why you should plan a visit soon.
Climbing in Skirt


My favorite part about visiting Badagry is it transforms from unfamiliar terrain to home. Subsequently, one can retell the stories and show the places that make this town significant. Of course, the beauty of Badagry’s beaches add more color to a trip and fresh fruits and food give it the perfect flavor. Which part of Badagry will you like to experience and when?

More pictures from our Badagry trip captured by Kenny and Funmi.

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