As a travel writer, when I discover something as exciting as Scubalagos, an interview is a must. Here are 5 quotes and pictures from founder, Houssam AzemI write articles on travel with a focus on Nigeria, so when I discover something as exciting as Scubalagos, you know an interview is a must.

Getting that interview to take off was not the easiest of tasks though.

Literally, I stalked the team at Scubalagos for 4 whole months (I heard CNN had it tough too) before I was granted an audience.

Now, this post is not about my incredibly amazing stalking skills :). It is about the side of Lagos you don’t get to see, under the sea.

What comes to you mind when you think of underwater life? Sea anemones, jellyfish, sharks, tuna, moss, and so much more.  Lagos offers you all of these and more if you go diving with Scubalagos.

Never have I seen someone speak so passionately about diving in Lagos as the founder of Scubalagos, Houssam Azem. We sat down for a chat at The Lagos Jet Ski Club facing Lagos’ Lagoon, early one Thursday evening.

You can read the full article I wrote here.

Without further ado, I would love to share some  memorable words, Houssam shared that made me almost grab some diving gear.

Memorable Quotes from Scubalagos’ Founder

On the joys of diving:

Diving is a huge sense of freedom. You are completely in another world. We were not designed for that world.

On sighting sharks during a dive:

They do not interfere with diving. As a diver, you mind your business.

On protecting the environment:

If I come across a fishing net interfering with the natural environment, I would clean up the wreck and pick up trash around. This is something I would like my children to do too.

On what does every Scuba diver need?

Nobody should attempt to Scuba dive without training. Training prepares you for every condition. Diving is not dangerous, carelessness is.

On the beauty of being underwater:

You are weightless in a completely serene environment. What people don’t understand is that you can actually hear under water and see colors

For more ethereal pictures from Lagos’ underwater life, check out underwater photographer, Rafy_a Instagram.

So, tell me would you like to dive in Lagos too? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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