If love was measured in laughter, you whose laughter rang high always

Would have been the most loving person

Who drove the Green Van and was very stylish in all her ways.

We would say you lived, laughed, and loved

Your husband, your daughter, your son, your sister, your brother

Oh! How I wish I could name them all.

Sometimes, it seems that for those who care and love more

They get a better understanding of what family and friends really mean.

You who rode the Green Van on pathways of hearts

Never crushed a person even when words that could hurt were said.

I smile when I remember the funny things you said,

“Be careful, Nma has malaria and she may still be contagious”

Or those moments when we didn’t exactly agree on all things wedding necessary.

But isn’t that the beauty of living life with someone like you?

We learn to give in and know when to give away

Always sticking to things that are dear to us.

For we know it is not so often life gives us friends that are caring,

Who love and show us how to live in the kindest of ways and on the coldest of days.

So, this is the picture I would keep locked in my memory

You in the Green Van counting love in quantities of laughter.

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