Every time I visit the Lekki Conservation Center (LCC), I am reminded that there does exist some peace in Lagos.

It is easy to forget. Five minutes of walking through the Center with the Savanah and Rainforest as steady accomplices, it all comes back to me.

I remember my first visit to LCC. Friends  were visiting Nigeria for the first time in a long time. My job was to showcase the best of Lagos with a show-stopping itinerary.

It took me 3 attempts before I finally got to experience Africa's longest Canopy Walk at the Lekki Conservation Center. Read on to discover how it felt
What a View! Below is the Flora and Fauna scenery. Hello Mona Monkeys 🙂

LCC was one of the stops along the way and I knew they would love the legendary Canopy Walk.

Did you know that Africa’s longest Canopy Walk is right here in Nigeria? “This is a must-experience”, I told the duo as we paid the N1000 entry fee to the Center and another N1000 for the Canopy Walk (They are run and maintained by two different groups, so different money purses).

It was not until we began our Flora and Fauna tour before one of them mentioned he was afraid of heights.

I coaxed him to get to the starting point. Needless to say, he didn’t go beyond the first few steps, which brings me to:

LCC CANOPY WALK LESSON NO. 1: Don’t force anyone who is afraid of heights to do The Canopy Walk.

Actually, you should not force anyone to do something they don’t feel inclined to do. Period.

Okay, so we clambered back down and continued the love walk through the greenery and scenery. Yeah! I was pained because I had imagined all these iconic pictures I would have taken of them, close to the sky. Well, they didn’t happen.

I was in the company of my younger ones on my second visit to the LCC.

Only one of them was qualified for the Canopy Walk.  Since, we couldn’t leave the other two behind, we just walked enjoying the greenery and…No, that’s very untrue.

The truth is we had a ton of fun, trading our shoes for sturdy rain boots to wade through the swampy region. Then, there were the obstacles we braved until our muscles hurt. It was a riot. Still, I had learned

LCC CANOPY WALK LESSON NO 2: Forget about getting on if you go with minors and have no one to watch over them while you are gone.

It took me 3 attempts before I finally got to experience Africa's longest Canopy Walk at the Lekki Conservation Center. Read on to discover how it felt
How you smile, whey you are of age to do the Canopy Walk

The required age is 12, so make plans for all underage kids.

When I was summoned to give a younger cousin an LCC tour with the nephews and nieces, I knew exactly what to do and finally got to walk above the trees.

You will think that at 22 feet above the ground, I will be scared out of my mind. Well, after we passed the first two towers of the 401 meters walk, I sort of got used to the feeling of being closer to the sky.

Everything from that view seemed dreamy. The Atlantic Ocean parts of Lagos glistened, Chevron Estate had a glow around it, and I pictured myself lying down to be immersed completely in the experience.

With these shoes, we climbed and became one

LCC CANOPY WALK LESSON NO 3: You are not allowed to sit on the metallic flooring (or lie down) at the resting points along the walk.

Ecstatic, I even formed a song about the LCC Canopy Walk.



Okay, so I may not be ready for the Grammys yet, but you get the point. It was exhilarating.


It took me 3 attempts before I finally got to experience Africa's longest Canopy Walk at the Lekki Conservation Center. Read on to discover how it felt
Treehouse, remember my name

LCC CANOPY WALK LESSON NO 4: After, such a close encounter with the trees, you are now one of them and can brave the tree-house.

You probably are thinking, there is nothing to climbing up a treehouse. Still, when you grow up in the city, this too is daring.

So, up we went on the treehouse to embrace our newfound family, the trees.

I hugged a branch and it reassured me with its sturdy embrace. Without a marker to sign off that I had visited, I engraved my name with car keys.

It took 3 attempts to walk above the trees and I had done it. I was happy to be home.


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  • May 20, 2017 at 3:36 am

    I’m yet to make this visit to LCC. I’m inspired…

    I agree with Lesson #1. don’t do it – actually it can be fun depending on the folks involved. You can help them break the fear OR make it worse!

    • May 20, 2017 at 11:13 pm

      LCC is a must visit for everyone especially when Lagos gets on your last nerve. It can recenter the core of your soul.

      • June 16, 2017 at 10:13 pm

        This is awesome. Very good to that such a place even exists in Nigeria, not to talk of Lagos.
        This must be a very exciting place to visit as it seems very interesting with it’s breath taking scenery.
        Ah! I’ve already gone there a thousand times ( in my imagination), but when my warm feet actually touches it cold living soil I’ll make sure I climb to the peak.

        Very lovely to know!


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