It is a four-day long weekend in Nigeria and if you just don’t know want to do with all that time, here are 7 ideas to get you started. 

1. Get ready for Art Gallery crawling:

This is the perfect opportunity to sew exhibitions you have heard about. Ayoola is still on at Rele Gallery, Onikan and Bubbles of Emotion, pictured below is showing at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi

2. Eat at a much talked about restaurant:

You know those foodie pictures on Instagram that make your tummy rumble with envy ? Check out Lagos’ popular restaurants to get your foodie groove back. Go native with Utazi at Etim Iyang, VI. They do Abacha, Isi-Ewu and Nkwobi. Nok by Alara will satisfy your Nigerian new kitchen fusion palate. 

3. Take a walk at Freedom Park 

For N200, you can gain access to this cultural center that once served as Her Majesty’s Prison. Catch some groups choreographing moves, pack a picnic lunch, or shake off the dust from your favorite instrument and make music in this artsy park. 

4. Stock up on roasted corn and Ube

You may have missed the spots behind the closed doors of your 9-5. Corn and ube is in season and this long weekend is the perfect time to eat them ’till you drop with a satisfied soul. Budget N400 for a generous helping topped off with good old coconuts. My favorite spot is the lady at Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere.

5. Make comfort food and read at home

It’s okay to pick a day to stay home this long weekend. With a good book, comfort food that you will not regret the calories after,  and a warm cup of something to fight rain blues, you will be just fine. 

6. Scout out beautiful spaces in the city 

Outdoors with gorgeous décor come few and far between in Lagos,  so go on a hunt. Alara Lagos is a nice starting point. Make it a double date by trying some Nigerian fusion dishes at the adjacent restaurant.

7. Go see a stage play

If you have not experienced theatre at the new Terrakuture Arena, don’t let this long weekend pass you by. Itan is showing with my favorite character Asiko evoking the past, future, and the present. Freedom Park has a sign up for Lipstick Fever. I haven’t seen it but it may be worth the time and money.

Which one of these ideas will you be trying out?  Or do you have more adventurous plans for the weekend ? Do share. 

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