So what if you are now 27 years old and still with no husband

Or Father to the ones you will birth and give your lifelines for?

Let them talk, let them laugh,

What I say to you, I will not repeat a second time,

My daughter, marry well.


Marry a man not just because you think you have fallen in love with him,

Believe me when I say it is equally as easy to fall in love with a well carved cupboard.

So what, if the mere mention of his name makes your ears tingle

And your stomach with your heart ache and long when he is in sight.

You say you can do anything for him, but tell me will he do the same for you?


When he has had his fill of you, and his eyes wander over to your bedroom window,

In those moments when you question everything I gave you and you worked for to be beautiful,

Then you will understand that those emotions and feelings were just a puff of white powder,

Wonderful fragrance this minute, all sweated off in the next,

You will thank me for these words that I refuse to tell you more than once.


Must you marry? I ask you.

Stop carrying on with these childish tears,

I gave birth to you a complete being with no missing rib, so why do you keep pining for him?

If you cannot be happy now in your whole single state,

Do not think you will be happy just because you have found a plus one.


Is it because I am no longer married? I see the question in your eyes. Go on! Ask me and I shall tell you

About how they sought to tame me, what they did to change me, and why I plead with you today,

Marry a man who you can quarrel with inside your heart, but reason with your mind and mouth

Someone whom you are attracted to because you share the same goals, principles, and values.

No, I do not have a man like this to give you, but what I have to give, you have heard.

Will you listen?



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